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Our Commitment​

At Wright Marine Services, we hold steadfast to the principles of Honesty, Hard Work, and Timeliness. 

Values that we believe are often lacking in the Marine Industry. Our dedicated team strives daily to uphold the integrity of our fleet and meet the unique needs of our owners and their cherished vessels.

Basic Management


Per Month

  • One Systems Check

  • Access to On-Call Captain Services

* Applicable to vessels under 50'

Vessel Management Plans

Standard Management


Per Month

  • Two Systems Checks 

  • Access to all Wright Marine Vendors

  • Access to On-Call Captain Services

* We are proud to announce that we have included the option to add Topside Washes and Hull Cleans to your Monthly Service Contract!

Check out our additional Repairs & Services offerings below!


Yachtsman Management

Per Month

  • Two Systems Checks

  • One Sea Trial

  • Access to all Wright Marine Vendors

  • Access to On-Call Captain Services

What is a Systems Check?

All vessels require regular check-ups to ensure all systems are working flawlessly. Engines, electronics, pumps, hydraulics, and accessories all need to be inspected to ensure they are working properly when needed. As with all aspects of yacht maintenance, preventative measures prove far more cost effective than reactive maintenance.  With Wright Marine Services, we provide you with the following:




  • Check all mooring equipment/lines

  • Shore Power/Connections Check

  • Cycle Engines and Check Fluids

  • Exercise Sea Valves

  • Engage Throttles

  • Cycle Generator and Check Fluids

  • Cycle Steering

  • Battery Fluid Check

  • Battery Charger Check

  • Electrical System Check

  • Freshwater System Check 

What is a Sea Trial?

Now that you have found the boat of your dreams, it's important to ensure the boat will handle and maneuver while out on the water.  Here is what you can expect from Wright Marine Services during a Sea Trial:

  • Run Engines up to full RPM

  • Power all AC/DC from Generators

  • Exercise Trim Tabs

  • Test Windlass

  • Check all systems (Stereo, water, generators, etc.)

Benefits of Being a Member

Discounted Hourly

For dockside services
(compared to $125/hr
for non members)

Vendor Rates at Captain's Cost

Don't overpay for services ever again.  WMS knows exactly what your vessel needs - and does not need.


Systems Checks, Sea Trials & Owner Training

At your desired interval to keep you and your yacht ready for your next adventure.


Calm Waters
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