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Repairs and Services

At Wright Marine Services, we're your trusted partner for a wide spectrum of marine services and repairs. Whether your vessel needs fixing while it floats or requires attention in the haul-out yard, you can count on us to bring your boat back to peak performance.


  • Diesel Engine Repair/Service

  • Gasoline Engine Repair/Service

  • Air Conditioning & Heating

  • Vessel Surveys & Sea Trials

  • Electrical System

  • Fire Suppression & Fire Safety

  • Radar/Navigation Repair & Installation

  • Fiberglass Repair

  • Deck/Teak Repair & Installation

  • Upholstery 

  • Interior Design & Remodel

  • De-Calcification, Bonding, and Wiring

  • Diver Pictures/Troubleshooting

  • Sailboat Rigging Repairs and Survey

  • Refrigeration

  • Water Quality and Filtration

  • Interior and Exterior Wash and Detailing

  • Hull Diving & Cleaning

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