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Repairs and Services

Wright Marine Services offers our clients a wide range of marine services and repairs.  Whether it can be fixed as it floats, or needs to be taken to the hall out yard, trust Wright Marine to get your boat back in working order.

Wright Marine Services Offerings:

  • Diesel Engine Repair/Service

  • Gasoline Engine Repair/Service

  • Air Conditioning & Heating

  • Vessel Surveys & Sea Trials

  • Electrical System

  • Fire Suppression & Fire Safety

  • Radar/Navigation Repair & Installation

  • Fiberglass Repair

  • Deck/Teak Repair & Installation

  • Top & Bottom Cleaning

  • Upholstery 

  • Interior Design & Remodel

  • De-Calcification, Bonding, and Wiring

  • Diver Pictures/Troubleshooting

  • Sailboat Rigging Repairs and Survey

  • Refrigeration

  • Water Quality and Filtration

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